Design: Turning Concept into Reality
At HighPoint Homes, we encourage our clients to take the time needed to turn their dreams into reality. We know through experience that this process takes time but is integral in achieving our clients' goals. Our clients approach us with varying amounts of decided aspects and it is our job to incorporate those ideas and build upon them in order to reach the desired results.

To begin, we will want to determine the site and the budget. Our knowledge and development experience in the area allows us to offer a unique perspective to assist our clients with finding great potential sites if one has yet to be determined. With those two factors in place, we can then work with our clients to determine other important factors like size and quality. We encourage prospective home builders to bring with them any ideas they have whether it is from a design catalog or an existing home. Then, after we collect input from our clients we can begin the process of planning and drawing their new home.

But we are not done yet, we will have many more meetings and phone calls to adjust and fine tune the designs before they get sent off for approval. And this brings up another nice feature of working with HighPoint Homes. Since we are builders too, our understanding of the design through this process will be much more in depth than a contractor who wasn't involved in the early design stages of building a custom home.

So please set up a time to meet with us and we will be more than happy to sit down with you and turn your concept into reality.
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